by Abbie Morin

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released January 7, 2015

Written by Abbie Morin

Leon Campos- Keys
Brett Lanier- Electric Guitar
Thomas Pearo- Electric Guitar
Dave DeCristo- Bass
Dan Davine- Drums, Percussion
Taylor Smith- Alto Saxophone
Abbie Morin- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Recorded at Signal Kitchen Studio in Burlington, VT
Produced by Dave DeCristo, Leon Campos and Abbie Morin
Recorded, Engineered and Edited by Dave DeCristo
with Assistant Mitch Ferrada
Mixed by Dan Davine
Mastered by Gil Tamazyan
at Capsule Labs in Los Angeles, CA
Album art by Quinn Delahanty
Photo by Monika Rivard
Design by Jenna Brower



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Abbie Morin Northampton, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Better Half
I once lost grips to my darker side-
had a criminal reputation.
I was a distant hand with a brilliant plan
and every explanation.

Lived too rough just to toughen my hide,
couldn’t touch me with your bare skin.
I was a hot coal burning through my own soul
with too much imagination.

If I have to go I wont go
until I leave you
with my better half.

If I have to go I wont go
until you seep into my pores.

If you have to go
I hope you leave me
for the lights of New York City.

If you have to go
I hope you’ll stay
until the morning comes.

Scooped me up from the wreckage pile-
I was crawling on my knees.
I was an outcast,
couldn’t run fast enough
from my own obscenities.

Took me up to the rooftop
baby, you held me in your gaze.
I was just a crooked girl
in a strange new world
of copper-colored days.


Once took a ride on a salty night,
I was reeling for a revelation.
It was the thick of June
and I reached for you
without a blink of hesitation.

Well I let you drive
and the passenger side
was so warm, and you were ready.
Crippled by my growing pains,
let you clip my chains-
hold me close ‘til I was steady.


I don’t want to go.
Track Name: Cadmium
We had a home
go down in smoke
within these bones,
and now I’m chaining up
so no one knows
about the rubble pile
inside me.

A troubled stand,
I try to float
but heavy growing pains
shackle me beneath my clothes
and pull the tighter ropes
around me.

I smile but all the while
I am starving for your moonlight-
cadmium yellow.
I search so hard in another’s arms,
they pale in the night.

Love you’ve let me fall astray.
You’ve been seeing an old friend.
It was Friday I was by myself-
I met somebody in the Old North End.

Will we give it away?
Will we give it away?
Or will we give it a way to breathe?

Quiet voice on the phone,
I start to choke
on the cracks
and all the ways they’ve grown.
Shadow canyons cut the light.

I pour it out
on a page
never sent,
and now it’s keeping me awake in bed-
lonely, burning sage in hindsight.
Track Name: Underminer
I look to the sun
when I think about where
I want to go,
but I wish I could be
part of the night
that she wraps herself in
so well, too badly.

I can’t help myself unwind
this time I’m binding
my wrists and ankles.
I’m trying to be fine,
but I’m my own underminer-
just some crooked sidewinder.

We’re caught in the midst
of our looking glass eyes,
and we’re blind to the chips
in our tender-mouthed smiles.
I can’t convince myself
to say that I’m in too deep.

We talk about dreams
and it keeps me awake.
She calls me extreme,
says I’ll give ‘til I break-
but I can’t coerce myself
to hide, to run for cover.


So I’ll pack up my pride
with her warm silhouette,
and this poker-faced stride
with an everything bet.
And I have a hunch
I’ll be dragging my feet
come September.
Track Name: Foxy
Fuels my fire
these passing days,
this muddled gray,
‘cause I’m tangerine
and turquoise crashing
like a hand grenade.
I’m not afraid,
I’ll get over it
like foxy.

Try to take me out
with your trigger
pulling me down,
and just skipping around it
like foxy.

I try to stay but I’m longing to run.
You know the reasons I stray.
I’m creeping up on the barricades.
I feel them melting away.

and I’m not afraid.

Locks me in like a rodent maze,
these droning days
have got me pent up-
ready to explode.
I’ve been told
since I was five years old
that I broke the mold
I’m just a marigold-
I’m foxy.

But I can’t keep banking on a miracle-
burn my eyes, staring straight
into the lime light.
This shadow box is getting more mysterious
as I try to form a mountain from this hill.
And I’ll be slinking in the corner,
thinking clever, getting seriously
hungry for something real.
Watching all the rabbits spinning circles
all around me- blindly wasting time.


I'm foxy.
Track Name: Buskers
She was walking with a guitar case
and flowers painted on her face,
didn’t look a day past seventeen.
She told me she had run away.

Collected quarters from the people passing by-
singing her sad old songs.
Couldn’t get too high, no
she couldn’t catch a ride
back home until the end of July.

Dangling out on a limb,
itching for some shoes to walk in.
Longing for layers of skin,
but I’m flying hard against the flock.
I’m feeling the floors getting flimsy,
hunting for some words to lift me
far from the grim of the dark age.
I’m searching for some soul to stir me up.

He’d been sleeping in the sand beneath the pier.
Told me his home burned down.
Hitched his way across the East from New Orleans
with his dog all the way to Provincetown.

His name was Robbie and he played the squeeze
on the street that night.
Made enough to buy some smokes,
he dipped his head into the ocean
and he was gone by morning light.


His name was Daniel and he banged the keys.
He was old and slow.
On his blazer was a button with a picture of his son
who died thirty years ago.

“Don’t care for eating when the whiskey’s full.”
His eyes were red and wet.
Said “I’ve been running since the day I lost my boy
and now I can’t recall a single place I’ve been.

Track Name: Peace of Mind
Girl, you’re looking too hard
but got your sights set down on the floor
I said, “you’ll never make it too far
without my piece of mind.”

I knew you’d walk out the door.
I felt it deep inside of my core,
and I am brittle, battered and sore-
without my peace of mind.

I am trying to find you.
I am grasping, failing to rise,
and I am tangled up in our ties
without my peace of mind.

I’ll be biding my time-
too stuck to step an inch out of line,
and I’ll be stripped of all your light
without my peace of mind.
Track Name: Shadowproof
Our safety nets are stripped to cobwebs
stripped to cobwebs stripped to cobwebs
and we are wrangled, wrapped
in regret- lose myself down one way streets

and if I were to misstep now
I’d be forty feet gone,
there’d be no climbing out
and if I were to slip down
I’d be breaking more
than my pride
in this frozen town.

Our picket fence has turned to piles-
haven’t been around for awhile.
Our picket fence has turned to piles
buried in the snow.

So how am I to mend us?
How am I to hold this up?
And how am I to get any sleep
with strangers in my yard?

We’re so ramshackle
we’re so ramshackle
we’re so ramshackle
we’re so ramshackle
we’re nearly done.

Our pearly shine did fade to blood rust,
fade to blood rust fade to blood rust.
No turpentine, no scrape to free us-
bring us back to June.

Our grassy knoll all sacked to brambles,
garden green all ripped to shambles-
this icy sheen can’t hold a candle
we were shadowproof
we were shadowproof
we were shadowproof.