Better Half

by Abbie Morin

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Better Half is the single of Abbie Morin's upcoming debut album "Shadowproof" set to release January 7th.


I once lost grips to my darker side-
had a criminal reputation.
I was a distant hand with a brilliant plan
and every explanation.

Lived too rough just to toughen my hide,
couldn’t touch me with your bare skin.
I was a hot coal burning through my own soul
with too much imagination.

If I have to go I wont go
until I leave you
with my better half.
If I have to go I wont go
until you seep into my pores.
If you have to go
I hope you leave me
for the lights of New York City.
If you have to go
I hope you’ll stay
until the morning comes.

Scooped me up from the wreckage pile-
I was crawling on my knees.
I was an outcast,
couldn’t run fast enough
from my own obscenities.
Took me up to the rooftop
baby, you held me in your gaze.
I was just a crooked girl
in a strange new world
of copper-colored days.


Once took a ride on a salty night,
I was reeling for a revelation.
It was the thick of June
and I reached for you
without a blink of hesitation.

Well I let you drive
and the passenger side
was so warm, and you were ready.
Crippled by my growing pains,
let you clip my chains-
hold me close ‘til I was steady.


I don’t want to go.
I don't want to go.
I don't want to go.


released November 11, 2014
Written by Abbie Morin

Leon Campos- Keys
Brett Lanier- Electric Guitar
Thomas Pearo- Electric Guitar
Dave DeCristo- Bass
Dan Davine- Drums, Percussion
Taylor Smith- Alto Saxophone
Abbie Morin- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Recorded at Signal Kitchen Studio in Burlington, VT
Produced by Abbie Morin, Dave DeCristo and Leon Campos
Recorded, Engineered and Edited by Dave DeCristo
with Assistant Mitch Ferrada
Mixed by Dan Davine
Mastered by Gil Tamazyan
at Capsule Labs in Los Angeles, CA
Album art by Quinn Delahanty
Design by Jenna Brower



all rights reserved


Abbie Morin Northampton, Massachusetts

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